Residential Installation


Our most recent field installation in Caledon, Ontario. The turbine is grid-tied through net metering and exceeds the strict compliance guidelines for Ontario.

Flexible and modular, FireflyPower wind turbines enable residential electricity consumers to become renewable energy producers and generate site-specific clean electricity to save on operational costs while reducing their carbon footprint. Site-specific power generation reduces transmission losses and costs for the customer, with an estimated ROI of six to eight years.

At this residential installation test site in Caledon, our engineer continues to analyze real-world performance data in a range of conditions. This turbine starts consistently at less than 5mph winds and enters the power curve almost immediately. The Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) increases exponentially; generating electricity in low wind speeds and across a wide range of wind classes.

The Oak Ridges Moraine is an environmentally sensitive, geological landform in south-central Ontario, covering 190,000 hectares. It provides clean, safe drinking water to over a quarter of a million people with private and municipal wells, and is home to hundreds of plant and animal species.

“This winter has been particularly severe for the turbine. It has endured 1” thick ice build-up during an ice storm, wind speeds of up to 80km/h, snowfalls of up to 12” in one storm and freezing temperatures below -25°C. It has weathered these challenges without complaint, and continues to perform normally. I have been very impressed with the robustness in these open-air winter conditions!”

 – Harold DeVisser, CTO Firefly Power

Our turbines are:

  • Flexible, overcoming traditional siting restrictions, they can be installed in many locations and across a wider variety of wind classes.
  • Scalable, with 3KW turbine system projected to launch in 2018.
  • Low-profile and lightweight, requiring less square footage.
  • Cost effective: ZERO operation or maintenance costs. Developed with a modular DIY turbine assembly and few parts = less labor costs.
  • Recyclable, sustainable: 95% carbon fiber construction.
  • Durable: Estimated to have a lifespan of 25 yrs+ and can withstand polar vortices, extreme cold, and  ice storms.
  • Efficient: Unparalleled performance at low wind speeds and increased output across a wider range of wind classes: starts at 6.9 mph (3.1 m/s), lift at 7.1 mph (3.3 m/s).


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