The FireflyPower wind turbine combines advances in blade design and composite construction. The vertical-axis orientation features a patented blade design with peak aerodynamic efficiency in low wind speeds. The turbine system is modular, featuring DIY assembly and semi-portability. They can be installed on or off-grid, in singular or sequenced in multiple units, charging batteries and integrated with solar. They are cost-efficient with projected ROI of six to eight years.

FireflyPower  has developed an airfoil for a vertical axis wind rotor, incorporating a drag-type feature at rotation speeds less than wins speed; becoming aerodynamically invisible at rotation speeds greater than wind speed, enabling the rotor to be self-starting in drag mode with minimal torque, while accelerating and operating efficiently in lift mode. This is a platform technology and many products and applications can be created without the expense of new processes or technological breakthroughs, ensuring long-term capabilities.

The turbine can be repurposed into consumer and industrial products including automotive parts and athletic gear, minimizing landfill contributions. Process improvements will economize resources used. We strive to use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, such as low VOC resins. Water is not necessary for operation or maintenance of the turbine, economizing valuable natural resources. The modular design (“IKEA-esque”) is conducive to shipping in flat packs which will optimize loads and reduce transports, thereby reducing fossil fuel emissions.


Field Installations

The four FireflyPower™ field turbines are installed with approval from the Caledon Town Council and Oak Ridges Moraine Trust. The Oak Ridges Moraine  is an environmentally sensitive, geological landform in south central Ontario, covering 190,000 hectares. It provides clean, safe drinking water to over a quarter of a million people with private and municipal wells, and is home to hundreds of plant and animal species.

This is a photo of our most recent field installation in Caledon, Ontario. The turbine is grid-tied through net metering and exceeds the strict compliance guidelines for Ontario.

Our engineer has analyzed real-world performance data in a range of conditions and combined with computational fluid dynamics to calculate output. This turbine starts consistently at less than 5mph winds and enters the power curve almost immediately. The Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) increases exponentially.





These are selections of data collected from our field installation in varied wind conditions.