We started FireflyPower™ for one reason.

We wanted a practical, affordable way to power our future, while preserving his.

Our Son

FireflyPower offers efficient, lightweight and affordable carbon fiber wind turbines which will reduce electricity costs. These two-bladed wind turbines can be roof, pole, or ground mounted in almost any location; individually or sequenced; grid-tied or using battery storage, and integrated with solar. Electricity consumers can become a clean electricity producers; generating site-specific renewable energy and reducing  your carbon footprint. Installations of our wind turbines can stimulate local economies, lessen the strain on aging grid infrastructure and enhance grid security.

FireflyPower began with an idea for personal, on-site co-generation of electricity. We created a product that we, as homeowners were searching for and unable to find. R&D began in 2009 into composite materials. Proof of concept and prototype testing was done in four wind tunnel tests, followed by US and European technology patents and logo copyright. The first of four pilot/field installations was installed at our test site in May 2013.  We are continually innovating and plan to install a next-generation turbine at our Caledon, Ontario test site in late 2016.

We are an organically grown, self-financed, agile, continuous innovation company.


Meet our team

JANET JANIUK, Founder LinkedIn Logo

With 8 years of sales and communications experience behind her, Janet heads up operations and marketing.


PETER JANIUK, Founder LinkedIn Logo

Peter had an idea, and it’s good for us all that he stuck with it. Peter is in charge of product development, quality assurance and finance.


HAROLD DE VISSER, Technical Lead

A 25-year veteran of the engineering industry, Harold spent 7 years at Husky Mold Injection and 15 years at Pratt & Whitney.



Quinn, a recent graduate of aerospace engineering, was a research fellow at the Center for Bioinspired Engineering at Caltech. His experimental research investigated the exchange of energy and the aerodynamic interaction within arrays of vertical-axis wind turbines.