Commercial Installation


Our installation at 866 The Queensway, Ontario, Canada.

Flexible and modular, FireflyPower wind turbines enable commercial electricity consumers to become renewable energy producers and generate site-specific clean electricity to save on operational costs while reducing their carbon footprint. Site-specific power generation reduces transmission losses and costs for the customer, with an estimated ROI of six to eight years.

Our turbines can be installed off-grid or grid-tied, where net-metering is available, allowing customers be a power producer and contribute to the grid while offsetting utility costs. They can also be installed as single or multiple units, with units in close proximity to each other to monitor output.


“FireFly Power wind turbines have transformed our building rooftop in Toronto into a power plant. Innovation and sustainability are key to our current and future generations and Infront Consulting is proud to be investing in the future of the planet.” 

– Rory McCaw, CEO, Infront Consulting Group

In average conditions, these turbines are capable of significantly reducing an average household’s annual residential electricity costs, with zero transmission losses. Monthly projected output in average wind conditions is approximately 800 kwh or more, depending on site-specific wind conditions.

The FireflyPower wind turbine combines advances in blade design and composite construction. The vertical-axis orientation features a patented blade design with peak aerodynamic efficiency in low wind speeds. The turbine system is modular, featuring DIY assembly and semi-portability.


Our turbines are:

  • Flexible, overcoming traditional siting restrictions, they can be installed in many locations and across a wider variety of wind classes.
  • Scalable, with 3KW turbine system projected to launch in 2018.
  • Low-profile and lightweight, requiring less square footage.
  • Cost effective: ZERO operation or maintenance costs. Developed with a modular DIY turbine assembly and few parts = less labor costs.
  • Recyclable, sustainable: 95% carbon fiber construction.
  • Durable: Estimated to have a lifespan of 25 yr+
  • Efficient: Unparalleled performance at low wind speeds and increased output across a wider range of wind classes: starts at 6.9 mph (3.1 m/s), lift at 7.1 mph (3.3 m/s).

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