Commercial Installation

Innovations in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics make the FireflyPower wind turbine a practical and affordable means of on-site distributed power generation.

FireflyPower wind turbines can be installed on or off-grid, as single or multiple units, charging batteries and integrated with solar. They are also cost-efficient with an estimated ROI of eight years.

In average conditions, these turbines are capable of significantly reducing electricity costs, with zero transmission losses. When paired with a 1KW low-RPM generator, each turbine is capable of producing in the range of 8500KW hours per year, depending on your site’s wind regimen.

The FireflyPower wind turbine combines advances in blade design and composite construction. The vertical-axis orientation features a patented blade design with peak aerodynamic efficiency in low wind speeds. The turbine system is modular, featuring DIY assembly and semi-portability. 

We strive to use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, such as low VOC resins. Water is not necessary for operation or maintenance of the turbine, economizing valuable natural resources. The modular design (“IKEA-esque”) is conducive to shipping in flat packs which will optimize loads and reduce transports, thereby reducing fossil fuel emissions.

At end of carbon fiber’s projected product life span of 30+years, the turbine can be repurposed into consumer and industrial products including automotive parts and athletic gear, minimizing landfill contributions. Process improvements will economize resources used.

“Not only do I love your business from a technology standpoint, but also from a product-market fit standpoint. I am really impressed with how you have taken such a huge vision and merged that vision with customer demands.”

   – Tyler Bauer, Research Valley Partnership, Texas, USA

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