FireflyPower Deploys Version 2.0 of Small Wind Turbines with Improved Solar Integration

Charleston, South Carolina (July 10, 2017) – FireflyPower™ ( has recently deployed version 2.0 of their lightweight, small wind turbines. The new two-bladed, carbon fiber design is lighter and more efficient, allowing for easier integration with new or existing solar arrays and without adding significant weight.

Flexible and modular, FireflyPower’s turbines enable both commercial and residential electricity consumers to become renewable energy producers and generate site-specific clean electricity to reduce their carbon footprints.

The turbines can be grid tied or operate off-grid with batteries, and installed singly or via multiple unit micro and nano grids with roof, pole, or platform mounting options. In average conditions, these turbines are capable of significantly reducing an average household’s annual residential electricity costs, with zero transmission losses. Monthly projected output in average wind conditions is approximately 800 kwh or more, depending on site-specific wind conditions.

“The new simple and innovative design of our turbines makes them more energy-efficient than competing solutions and lets them generate renewable energy day and night – especially in low wind conditions,” said Janet Janiuk, FireflyPower co-founder. “And because they can integrate simply with solar installations, users can generate even better savings when using the two systems in tandem.”

“FireFlyPower wind turbines have transformed our building rooftop in Toronto into a power plant. Innovation and sustainability are key to our current and future generations and Infront Consulting is proud to be investing in the future of the planet,” said Rory McCaw, CEO, Infront Consulting Group.

Small wind turbine installations can also stimulate local economies, lessen the strain on aging grid infrastructure and enhance grid security.

About FireflyPower

Founded in 2009, FireflyPower LLC is a continuous innovation company who produces efficient, lightweight and affordable carbon fiber wind turbines that can reduce electricity costs.  Privately owned and operated in Charleston, South Carolina and Toronto, Canada, FireflyPower began with an idea for personal, on-site co-generation of electricity and seeks to improve wind energy performance. For more information, please visit