It’s a simple concept: less wind, more power.

But the execution took some doing. We wanted to produce more power in a wider variety of wind speeds and locations. The turbines, in any size, needed to be lightweight, efficient and affordable.

We do all that with a patented blade technology and novel design that leapfrogs standard approaches to blade shape, materials, and form factor.

The turbines are constructed of 95% carbon fiber for superior strength to weight ratio, recyclability and sustainability.

Patented blade technology drastically reduces cut-in speed and accelerates lift.

State-of-the-art carbon-fiber construction results in an exceedingly light and strong wind turbine.

Elegantly simple design maximizes efficiency, minimizes physical footprint and visual impact, and withstands extreme weather.

The vertical axis orientation captures multi-directional winds and has less acoustic noise emission than horizontal turbines.

Far outperforms competitors within target wind speed range of 5-20mph

Can compete with turbines in its class at high wind speeds without compromising performance at low wind speeds

Technical Data:

  • optimal performance 5-20mph
  • aerodynamically efficiency 0.275 (Cp)
  • blade lift coefficient ~ 1.6
  • turbine efficiency: 0.27

Modular design; easy turbine assembly

  • 6′ blades, 8′ rotor: total turbine weight <75lbs
  • Quieter than rotary turbines
  • Multiple siting & installation options
  • ROI 5-8 years
  • Produces torque, rotational speed and power at a high rate, at low wind speeds less than 5mph
  • 95% carbon fiber construction: lightweight, recyclable, sustainable, with almost unlimited lifespan. Can be down cycled to sporting goods and automotive parts and more.