Take control of your energy. It's easy to generate your own power with affordable, efficient wind turbines.
About Us

We started FireflyPowerâ„¢ for one reason. We wanted a practical, affordable way to power our future, while preserving his. FireflyPower offers efficient, lightweight and affordable carbon fiber wind turbines which will reduce electricity costs. These two-bladed wind turbines can be roof, pole, or ground mounted in almost any location; individually or sequenced; grid-tied or using […]

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How It Works

Firefly Power has Vertical Axis Wind Turbines that produce power in a wider variety of wind speeds and locations as a result of a novel design that leapfrogs standard approaches to blade shape, materials and form factor.

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We are excited to launch sales of the FireflyPower small wind turbine! We have concluded real world testing, have engineers analysis and reports and engaged Canadian and US manufacturers. The engineer’s reports and performance data from our field installation surpassed our design specs by almost 30%. Our turbine has exceptional aerodynamic efficiency which takes advantage […]

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